You Can Do Hard Things | (in)courage Guest Post

You Can Do Hard Things | (in)courage Guest Post

Scared and alone, I entered the hospital.

While doctor’s appointments and tests have become a standard part of my life since receiving a rare disease diagnosis, this day was different. I’d grown accustomed — and unquestionably taken for granted — the ability to have a family member or friend by my side. With the pandemic continuing to press on, my only option was to brave the appointment alone as I faced the added fear of being exposed to a disease that didn’t play nice with weakened immune systems.

In the twenty-four hours leading up to the appointment, my emotions ran the full gamut. Every potential scenario played out in my mind: Would I be exposed to COVID? Was my immune system strong enough to handle it if I was? Would this visit counteract the stay-at-home orders I had so rigorously followed?

Fear and uncertainty weighed heavily on my heart as I longed for a different reality.

As I rummaged through the house to create a make-shift mask, my emotions continued to escalate. In a last-ditch attempt not to have to deal with the appointment alone, I asked my husband to drive me to the hospital and wait in the parking lot. As luck would have it, our schedules didn’t coincide. I had to undertake this alone — or so I thought.

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