Transformation in the Journey | Truly Guest Post

Transformation in the Journey | Truly Guest Post

I’m honored to have my article “Transformation in the Journey” included on the Truly blog. The post emphasizes a core message I’ve uncovered through multiple avenues and that is the truth that “God cares more about your heart than what you’ve achieved.” Enjoy a preview below and be sure to read the full piece here.

The year 2019 was going to be when I read through the Bible in its entirety. Having studied the Bible for over two decades, I still hadn’t read every word. To keep growing in my faith, it seemed like the next right step.

My endeavor started from a place of feeling stuck—of wanting to make my way through God’s Word but not quite knowing how to begin. Having tried and failed the reading plan outlined in the back of my Bible, I felt a nudge to do something different. What I needed most was a simple plan. An idea sprouted: start with the New Testament and then work through the Old. It worked. I slowly made my way through. But as 2019 drew to a close, I found myself in Revelation, not Malachi—the entirety of the Old Testament standing between me and my goal. A twinge of disappointment arose.

But I found my fingers leafing through the pages, catching glimpses of all that had been revealed in the questions, comments, and highlights filling the margins. The fruit of steady obedience sprang from the pages. “Read the Bible in a year” wouldn’t get crossed off my list in 2019, but something better had come to be.

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