Share Your Story

The story we never expected to live may be the story that offers hope to someone else.

Out of this truth grew the blog series Stories of Finding God in the Unexpected. Each month, one person’s story of how God met them amidst an unexpected turn is featured on the blog.

Have you felt God’s presence amidst an unexpected turn in life? We’d love to hear your story + consider sharing it in an upcoming Stories of Finding God in the Unexpected feature on the blog.

Accepted submissions are shared on Facebook, Instagram, and in the monthly Abundant Life Letter.

Submission Guidelines

If you have a story, we’d like to work alongside you to share it—regardless of your writing experience. Serving as your editor, together, we will fine-tune your submission.

+ Share a photo of yourself (if you would like your story to remain anonymous, we can work together to find an appropriate photo)

+ Keep your story between 600-800 words

+ Ensure your story aligns with all or part of the Abundant Life Manifesto

+ If you have a blog, book, or podcast, we will be happy to share a link!

Sharing Hard Things

We recognize the stories we never expected to live may deal with trauma, abuse, or other hurts. Your lived experience is real. For the purpose of the series, we ask that you never disparage another person but instead focus on how you were able to find God’s provision amid the unexpected.

Submit Your Story

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