A Prayer to Lift Up on Hard Days

A Prayer to Lift Up on Hard Days

During difficult seasons or circumstances, it can be hard to find the right words to lift up to God in prayer. Fear, worry, and uncertainty get in the way leaving us feeling lost as they crowd out a clear mind and steady thoughts.

Lord, be near.

Sometimes that is all that needs to be said. God certainly doesn’t require perfect words, but on more than one occasion, I have longed for the right words to express what is on my heart. 

In moments of need, the words have sometimes failed to come. Throughout my health journey, I found one of the most challenging things to do was pray. I struggled with how to pray, and even more with what to ask. My needs weren’t always obvious in the moment and some days just felt heavier than others. On these days, more often than not, I left myself out of my prayers – if I lifted up a prayer at all – and relied on the people I knew were praying for me. I trusted God and knew He was in control, but struggled with how to bring it all to Him.

Eventually, I recognized that I needed a prayer I could rely on to lift up to God on the hard days. I’ve since written that prayer and my hope is that it serves you on your hard days. In trial and hardship, my prayer is that it will connect you to God. 

A Prayer for Hard Days

Take this prayer and make it your own. Use it as a way to connect to a God who loves you and is with you. Pray this when you are feeling low and when you need to remind yourself that God is near. As you lift up these words, trust that He has the outcome in His hands.


I come to you today with open hands and an open heart.

The struggles of this season weigh heavily on me. As fear and uncertainty grow louder, quiet the noise so that I may hear your voice.

Lord, through every trial and hardship, you are good. I pray for wisdom and guidance, peace and patience, that not my will but yours be done.

Grant me understanding when the outcome does not go my way.

Remind me that your plans are far better than my own.

Open my eyes to your provision as you help me surrender control.

Provide me with the strength to endure all that is yet to come.

When I am full of doubt, show me your mighty hand at work.

When I am scared, grow my faith bigger than my fear.

When I am disheartened, guide me to seek you in the pain.

When it feels like too much, let your presence feel near.

Lord, you came that I may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10). Guide and direct me as I live it out.

Thank you for every moment you have seen me through that has led me to this day. May all the glory be yours.


Ways to Use The Prayer

If you are often asked, “how can I pray for you?” and struggle with what to share, offer up this prayer to friends and family to lift up for you.

Keep a copy of the prayer tucked into your wallet or purse, tape it into your journal or planner, frame it and hang it on the wall, or copy it into a note on your phone for reference.

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