A Note of Gratitude

A Note of Gratitude

It’s the week of gratitude and we have so much to be thankful for. But what I’ve come to learn this year is that gratitude should be something we all strive to experience year round.

No matter what is thrown our way, there is good in every single day. You simply have to take the time to notice it. Embodying this attitude of gratitude is truly life changing. Often, it’s about seeing and appreciating little things and recognizing the difference those moments make.

Today, my gratitude is mostly focused around my health as we left for the hospital at 6:30 am and returned slightly before 7 pm. It was honestly a long day, but as the day went on the gratitude list only grew.

Topping the list is the fact that the nurses and doctors moved mountains for me last week to push my appointments to today – Thanksgiving week (a busy one in their world). You see, everything was meant to happen last Wednesday but with the news of my Busha passing they simply said, “go, be with your family.” I went and behind the scenes I know they worked miracles or at least pulled a few strings.

A blood clot appeared on my Echo last month and today it was set to be fixed. Instead of having another minor surgery to remove my port, doctors carefully considered a less invasive alternative – one that required no recovery. Less healing time = more capacity to celebrate with friends and family this week.

With the blood clot effectively gone, no more blood thinner medication is required. (I’m a big fan of being able to remove a medication from my list.)

I was supposed to see a different oncologist as my doctor was at a conference. But because my appointment was moved, my doc was back and was thrilled to hear about our Colorado trip. I felt much more at ease throughout the day knowing he was giving approvals for every procedure.

And while I could continue, I’ll end with the fact that I had Caleb by my side all day long. I’ve never gone through a chemo day alone, but you wouldn’t believe how many do. So grateful his job allows him to be with me to ensure I always have the support I need.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. ❤️ Let’s not forget to practice gratitude each day we are blessed with.