Lessons From Story

Lessons From Story

Story, Indiana: full of charm, wit, and history. And the setting of where this story began to unfold.

Fresh air. Horses grazing in the pasture out our window. Flowers just starting to bloom. The perfect destination for our weekend getaway. It was just what the doctor ordered, figuratively at least.

What made it especially important to me: it gave me the space I needed to clear my head. Because Tuesday was a tough day for me this week. And on Tuesday night I sat at home with my husband, Caleb, and was overcome with sadness. Life hadn’t been “normal” since December when I lost mobility in my left leg. It meant a lot of time on the couch. I shared with Caleb that I was growing weary of being hindered by so many of the things I used to take for granted – walks with the dog, cooking dinner, independence. Simply stated, it was a hard day.

But while spending time in Story, IN this weekend, I began to reflect back on the week – and boy was it a good one.

I went to see Les Mis with several college friends, gained independence by building up the courage to drive myself to work, decided it was time to work the muscles in my body that I can and did some ab workouts, went to an outlet mall and surprised myself by being able to spend a few hours shopping, walked around Story, IN on my crutches…in short heels I might I add 😂, and I finally realized: the only person holding myself back is me, myself, and I.

While I am handicapped by my current health situation, there are people who have significantly more serious handicaps that are currently out changing the world. What was I still doing on the couch? (And what a powerful example this week with the passing of Steven Hawking.)

In recent weeks, I’ve chosen to focus on a specific mission throughout this season of life and it’s this:

While my health situation is a huge part of who I am, and I want to learn and grow from it, I will not let it define me.

Once piece of that is refusing to say no to joining in on an activity because I’m uncertain of how I’ll manage it. Mayybee now is not the time I get to become a marathon runner, but that’s okay. There is so much more I can do.

So up and out I go. The weather is about to turn and with it, I’m determined to find more ways to embrace this season of life. The reality is we have no idea how long this season will last. Whether it is the anticipated 18 to 24 months, several years, or the rest of my life – I must make the most of it.

No, it is not how I anticipated wrapping up my twenties, but that is not in my control.

I wholeheartedly believe God has a plan and a purpose for this season of life.

I know this because He is already molding me and shaping me in ways I’ve never experienced before and I am grateful.

So, with that, I’m launching this blog with one main mission: to hold myself accountable to living out loud.

If you come here, expect to hear my thoughts – on trivial matters and important ones, on faith, on health, and the lessons I’m learning and growing from as I live out this one beautiful, precious life.