Let’s Hunt for Beauty, Together

Let’s Hunt for Beauty, Together

The power flickered out momentarily—a fairly normal occurrence in our nearly 100-year-old home. I went back to what I was doing while my husband went to inspect the power lines in our backyard to determine the source of the outage. 

“Hurry and come here!”

I scrambled to my feet. It wasn’t quite 2 p.m. and the sky was lit as if the sun was setting just above our neighbor’s house.

Our hearts sunk. Paralyzed by the belief that our neighbor’s house had caught on fire, we struggled to know what to do. Thoughts raced from “I hope they are safe” to “where would they go? Home is everything right now.

I felt numb as I saw a neighbor run down the street. Frantically searching for the fire department’s number, we were relieved to hear the sound of sirens approaching.

Billows of smoke continued to rise into the air as we looked out our back window. In my uncertainty, I began to pray. It felt like the only tangible thing I could do.

Moments later, after the quick spring storm that had ignited the chaos passed, we made our way to the intersection at the end of our street where the source of the fire was confirmed. Two downed power lines miraculously fell onto the street without damaging the surrounding homes.

Thank you, Lord.

Seeing the fire shook me. I remained on edge long after it was put out.

Back at home, I went straight to the garden. In the garden, I found solace in the daily task of removing the fallen whirligigs. Taking deep breaths in and out, my body slowly returned to normal.

Any other day, those whirligigs have made me feel more frustrated than not at their constant reappearance. But on this day, the offered me peace through a much-needed pause. Removing them, I found comfort, and strangely, beauty where I’d missed it before.

Let’s Hunt for Beauty

Lately, do your days need more peace? More pause? More beauty and reminders of God’s presence? Mine do. Will you join me in paying attention to how God is meeting you right where you are?

I’ll be seeking where beauty is showing up + the places I feel God’s presence and sharing it over on Instagram. I’d love for you to join me in hunting for the beauty we often miss when we aren’t paying attention.

As you spot the places God is meeting you right where you are, I’d love for you to leave a comment on this post or share it over on Instagram using the hashtag #seekandfindthegood.

Let’s hunt for beauty, together.

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