Grant Yourself Some Grace

Grant Yourself Some Grace

Grace. I’ve needed a lot of it lately. Grace for myself and grace to extend toward others.

Living in a culture that values achievement and believes more is better, I’ve noticed this show up amid quarantine as well—being encouraged to “make the most of this time” or use it as an opportunity to check off all the tasks on the to-do list.

While not necessarily all bad, finding myself caught in the mentality to make the most of my quarantine, I realized I was lacking some much-needed grace.

Using Projects to Distract

Amid the stress, confusion, chaos, and uncertainty, I threw myself into projects around the house. After all, what better time than now? I started with a small list, one made up of four projects that were doable within the initial two-week quarantine guidelines.

As I made progress on one project, an idea for a new project emerged, and then another. Suddenly, my project list had grown out of control.

With an impossible-to-accomplish list, I somehow managed to feel more in control. I had an endless number of next steps to fill my days. But after a few days of throwing myself into the projects, my body told a different story. I was weary and needed rest.

As I paused to give my body the rest it craved, the realization that I didn’t have the control I desired washed over me. The projects were a coping mechanism—a way to fill my schedule to the brim and avoid the grief building inside.

The loss and uncertainty caught up to me and no achievement was able to block out the feelings bearing down on me.

The reality of the present weighed heavily on my heart as I acknowledged the path I was on was not going to result in the outcome I desired.

It became apparent that I needed to grant myself some grace.

Grant Yourself Grace

I began to grant myself the grace to…

+ grieve.

+ rest and not “make the most of this time.”

+ accept that it was okay to be uncomfortable.

+ be a little bit cranky from the heaviness.

+ allow things to take as long as they needed to.

Grant Yourself Some Grace

As I went about my days, I began to grant myself new graces.

The grace to sit with my emotions.

The grace to allow myself the space to feel whatever it was I needed to feel.

The grace to process however it felt right.

I decided that no grace was too big or too small.

While writing is often what brings healing and comfort to me, last week, I struggled to share. The noise felt heavy and I didn’t want to contribute. Although it may seem trivial, I granted myself the grace not to publish any words for the world.

My prayer is always that the words I write serve those who read them. Initially, I questioned if I was being selfish withholding them. But as I prayed over it, I felt such peace. I wasn’t in the right space to serve well, so I granted myself the grace to step away. With that seemingly small grace, I felt a burden lift. Gone was the fear of disappointing others.

Listen to Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

We all need to grant ourselves a little more grace as we navigate the unknown. When we grant ourselves grace, it brings healing and restoration—and we come out better on the other side.

We all need to grant ourselves a little more grace as we navigate the unknown. When we grant ourselves grace, it brings healing and restoration—and we come out better on the other side.

What are your mind, body, and spirit telling you today? What grace do you need to extend to yourself?

Grant yourself grace if you feel the need to cry for no particular reason.

Grant yourself grace if you need to spend time prioritizing yourself.

Grant yourself grace even if you haven’t been particularly full of grace toward others.

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Hebrews 4:15-16 NIV

During these uncertain times, we must remember to find grace to help us in times of need. God doesn’t ask us to shy away from everything that we are feeling. He simply asks us to bring it all to Him.

Each day, new grace is needed during these uncertain times. Thankfully, we have a loving Father who extends grace to us even in our weakness. Let’s follow His lead and grant ourselves whatever grace we need to get through the day.

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