Finding Purpose in the Pain

Finding Purpose in the Pain

“Why me? What is the purpose of this painful experience?”

Unexpected circumstances bring forth questions that often lack clear answers.

Why did I not get into my dream college?

Why am I still single?

Why did I lose a parent so young?

Why did I receive this health diagnosis?

Why was I included in the last round of layoffs?

When unexpected circumstances arise, life flips. The future you planned for becomes fuzzy. You didn’t sign up for the circumstances you are faced with – and you most likely don’t have the ability to control how it plays out.

Unexpected trials and hardships are not things we seek out, but they make their way into our lives. No one is exempt.

Here’s the good news: heartbreak, loneliness, pain, and suffering – the difficult parts of life – have the power to drive change.

Trials stretch us, push us to our breaking point, force us to face our fears, help us uncover who we are and what we stand for. Trials shape us – if we let them.

When we seek to find purpose in the pain, we have the opportunity to turn something hard into something good.

Know that this won’t be easy every day, and that’s okay – because it’s okay to not always be okay

Widen Your Perspective

It all starts by widening our perspective. 

When we widen our perspective, it becomes possible to see the ways unexpected circumstances are shaping our lives and changing us for the better.

A chronic illness forced me into a new normal that ultimately allowed me to step into who I was made to be and live my life with more intention by keeping my focus on what matters most. It continues to be a work in progress, but I firmly believe that God has used my disease to guide me into using the gifts He has given me and to find beauty in the ordinary, everyday moments of life.

Take a few moments to think through all the ways your life has changed as a result of the circumstances you find yourself in. In what ways have you grown? Have any priorities realigned themselves in your life? Have you begun to see any positive change in your faith, health, or personal relationships?

In the midst of a difficult situation, it’s not always top of mind to pause and reflect, but when we do, it allows us to widen our perspective and find the purpose behind the pain.

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