I’m here to encourage people as they find purpose behind their pain.

Trial and hardship aren’t exactly part of anyone’s plan, and yet, difficult diagnoses and unforeseen struggles make their way into all of our lives.

If you are like me, your first thought is to find a way to get through it as quickly as possible and get back to the life you once knew. Inconvenience, averted.

But what if this is your new normal?

Maybe you desire to make the most out of the life God has given you…but are struggling to figure out just how to embrace the unexpected circumstances you find yourself in.

That was me, too.

A few years ago, after surgery failed and a benign, but aggressive, tumor crept back into my life and hindered my ability to walk, I had a decision to make.

Did I let the tumor take control of my life or find a new normal–one where I embraced my health journey through all its ups and downs?

Mere months before my diagnosis, I stood in awe as I witnessed family and friends handle trials with love and grace. It taught me an invaluable lesson: in life, challenges will arise, but we get to decide how we respond.

Trials stretch us, push us to our breaking points, force us to face our fears, help us uncover who we are and what we stand for. Trials shape us.

MaryBeth Eiler

My circumstances has shaped me for the better, and yours can shape you too.

The tough days certainly don’t disappear, but through hard work and intentionality, I’ve found it’s possible to find fullness amidst the struggle.

I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone other than the two sidekicks shown in the photo above–my husband, Caleb, and our dog, Alaska.

Reading, gardening, baking, and being out in nature are my favorite past times.

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