Texas Travels

We recently returned from a fun road trip through Texas. When we set out, aside from booking an Airbnb and gathering a few recommendations from friends, we didn’t have much of a plan.

Now that we are home, I thought I’d share some of our highlights in case you are planning a trip of your own.

Austin, Texas

Our first destination was Austin, Texas. There sure is plenty to do in Austin, but we both agreed that three days is the perfect amount of time in the city. You’ll stay busy, but also remain eager to return in the future.

While we packed a lot into our three days, these were my favorite things:

Dinner at Patrizi’s

Long story short, the day before we left, family friends shared with us that one of Caleb’s childhood friends owned a restaurant in Austin. Come to find out, it’s not just any restaurant, it’s one of the best. And we aren’t just being biased. The place was packed all night long.

Patrizi’s is unique. You order food from a food truck where it’s prepared, fresh, and brought to you in an adorable, open seating area. You can get drinks from the bar that’s inside of the grounds, Vortex. Food trucks are common in Austin. What made Patrizi’s special was that it was exactly our style.

While the place stands alone as one of my favorite dinners of all time, it became even more special when Caleb got to connect with someone from his childhood in Switzerland. You just can’t beat moments like that.

They were hosting trivia the night we went, so we stuck around and enjoyed the beautiful evening in a great atmosphere.

Late Night Treat at Prohibition Creamery

I’m always on the hunt for a great desert. This place knocked it out of the park. Their speciality? Alcohol infused ice cream. We literally got carded to purchase ice cream! All of the flavors sounded delicious and you could add tasty sounding toppings to your scoop as well. It was delicious and a fun way to cap off the day.

Outdoor Exploration

Finding green space within a city is always a must for me. Zilker Park certainly did not disappoint. Within the expansive park, there is lots to do. One day, we enjoyed a stroll along the river before spending a little bit of time in the open space pausing to watch some dogs run and play.

The next day, we found a lookout point to get a view of the city (the lookout wasn’t that great) before heading to the botanical gardens. The gardens were beautiful. There were several garden areas including cactus and succulent, Japanese garden, rose garden, jurassic garden, and more. While you could often hear the noise of the city throughout Zilker Park, in the botanical gardens, we got to enjoy some peace and serenity.

LBJ Presidential Library

Neither Caleb nor I had ever been to a presidential library, but after visiting the LBJ library, it’s now on our bucket list to hit every single one. Truth be told, neither of us knew a lot about LBJ’s presidency. The exhibits captured the legacy left behind by LBJ. After leaving, we felt like we had a better understanding of our country’s history. And we think that’s a pretty important thing.

Additional Recommendations

There is truly so much to do in Austin. Here are some additional things we really enjoyed during our stay:

  • Rainey Street. There is something for everyone on Rainey Street. We had an awesome meal at Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden followed by delicious donuts from Little Lucy’s while enjoying live music outdoors.
  • Chuy’s Tex-Mex. Highly recommend getting the chile relleno. Yummmmy.
  • Elephant Room. We stopped in to hear some live jazz. The musicians were extremely talented. Whether you like jazz or not, you can appreciate this place.
  • Rudy’s Country Store. Tasty BBQ and a fun experience. You get to try before you decide so you know you can’t go wrong.

And if you are looking for a fun and unique place to stay, I’d certainly recommend the Airbnb we stayed in. You can find the listing here.

Airstream Airbnb in Austin, TX

San Antonio, Texas

Visiting San Antonio was a spur of the moment decision. Our original plan was to spend another day in Austin before making the drive to Waco. While we easily could have found things to occupy us for another day, we decided we’d likely fly to Austin for a weekend trip and might as well explore other parts of Texas while we had the opportunity. So we ventured to San Antonio. It was a short, easy drive from Austin. The day trip was enjoyable, but looking back, also entirely skippable.

We did two things while in San Antonio: grabbed lunch on the Riverwalk and toured The Alamo. The canal was pretty, but it didn’t blow me away. (To be fair, I think I’m a bit spoiled by the beautiful canal here in Indy.) Learning the history of The Alamo was interesting. We rented the audioguide and while I’m normally a fan of audioguides, I wouldn’t recommend it here. Even without one, you can learn all of the history from the signage.

From San Antonio, we hit the road to Waco.

Waco, Texas

Waco has been on my bucket list for a few years now. I’m a huge fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines and I couldn’t wait to experience what they had created.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Waco. We pretty much followed the advice Magnolia shared on Instagram for a Waco day trip.

We started the day at Magnolia Table and seemed to get there at the perfect time – about 8:45 am (on a random Thursday). By 9 am, a line was forming just for people to put in their names. Our wait was only 15 minutes. While we waited, we grabbed coffee at the outdoor coffee shop and played some Jenga. Quite an enjoyable wait. Chip and Joanna seem to have a knack for taking a typical concept and finding a way to make it even more enjoyable – we experienced it all throughout the day!

After breakfast, which was delicious (get the strawberry butter!), we headed into town to stop at some of the antique stores. Once we had our fill, we headed to the Little Shop on Bosque. For those that don’t know, this is the original Magnolia location, but now houses the discounted merchandise. If you are headed to the Silos, I’d wait to visit the shop on Bosque. You receive a 10% discount if you have already been to the Silos that day!

From there we headed to the Silos and enjoyed simply exploring the grounds, soaking in the sunshine, walking around the market, sipping on sweet tea, and tasting cupcakes from the bakery! You really can’t go wrong how you go about spending your time at the Silos – plenty to do to keep you occupied.

Then, it was time to head home. We had an awesome week in Texas and hope you enjoy a few of these recommendations during your visit too!

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