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While I’m glad you’re here, it likely means the ground underfoot feels a little shaky right now.

Ungrounded continues to be the closest word I can find to describe the feeling that courses through my body when the unexpected hits. Waves of emotions sweep through me–some rapidly, others a slow release in the days that follow. 

Have you felt it too? Is the ground beneath your feet a little shaky? Are you seeking firmer ground to stand on?

Living with a rare disease, being stretched and challenged by mobility loss, enduring miscarriage, experiencing multiple tumor recurrences, navigating a pandemic–the last few years of my life have presented a fair share of the unexpected. Feeling ungrounded is something I’ve known a time or two.

My story is messy, and I’m sure yours is too–but it’s in the mess that I’ve been stretched and shaped. Wrestling with the unexpected, God’s provision has continually met me in my weakness, and with it, the grace to endure.

I hope the same proves true for you.

If you feel ungrounded as the world as you once knew it unravels, I’d love to gift you a copy of Ungrounded: A Companion for Pausing in God’s Presence.

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